Thursday, September 01, 2005

Warning:This gets a little personal-sorry if I offend

It's hard to write down what I am feeling today-I don't want to sound selfish or inconsiderate or sensational. Here goes...all this horrible devistation is literally making me sick. I don't know what to say about the hurricaine victims and the horrible atrocities they are dealing with right now. Please, if you can, read this
  • . I cannot even fathom what it would be like. Seeing your home, your life, your neighbors, your family, swept away in the water. Then, waiting on a rooftop-watching bodies flotat by, no water to drink, raw sewage seeping up around you. It would be hell. These people need our help so very desperatley. Angry mobs by the thousands wait in New Orleans-some people fighting and raping other victims-this is devistating. How can I come home from work, watch Oprah and pretend this didn't happen? We are all connected to this-we are all human.
    Two years ago, my good friend, Brandon, drowned saving another friend, Rene's life. I thought a lot about how awful that must have been for him. I think that is an awful way to die. His death made me clean up a lot of things in my life and made me examine it truthfully. It is moments like this where we must band together and feel, and act and react. Complacency is not an option. Please donate whatever you can. Please FEEL this. Please wish, hope, and or pray for these people.
    Our country needs to re-examine a lot of things. We need "group therapy". We must band together and not turn away. What do you think? What do you feel? Jenny at Queenthings is auctioning a collage, Hillary at Wee Wonderfuls is donating her talents, too. I'm sure many of you have seen the etsy red cross store. I just feel the need to write, it calms me...
    September 11,2001 was a huge turning point in my ideals/ life...I feel this will be a re-affirmation of that day. At the time, I was the editor in cheif of my campus newspaper-I wrote ALL the time-journalism was my life. I woke up early that day-to meet a deadline. I woke up to a phone call from my brother telling my mom to turn on the tv. I watched the 2nd plane hit the tower-I froze. That whole day was a sick, twisted, horrific blur, -that was the day I decided I could never be a journalist. The day I decided I HATED our president. The day I was truly sickened by the lack of introspection in my country. I hope our country can come together during this tragedy.I hope this is not offensive-but you know-this is my blog-my journal-sorry.

    Blogger lisa s said...

    abby... nicely put. it IS all awful and we are all human and need to band together... it is so hard and disenchanting and miserable..... if you can't say what you feel on your blog, what it is for????xox

    12:03 AM  
    Anonymous mom said...

    Abbs, I feel your pain. I can only imagine the pain of the victims of Katrina. I always have a prayer in my heart for the victims. I wish you and James were closer to us. We love and miss you. Love mom

    10:13 AM  
    Anonymous Shelley said...

    I know how you are feeling. It's hard to balance between showing compassion and doing all you can and still keep up all the things you do normally.
    I'm donating to Mercy Corps. And now that I'm working I'm going to keep donating a bit each week. I wish i could do more though but it's hard to know what to do when you can't pick up and leave to physically do something.

    4:36 PM  

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