Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Isbn4-7762-0167-4 (or no Self-Portrait Day)

Still no camera, but I AM looking and shopping around. So in the meantime, I am going to do a little post about this book I got a little while back. Yes, it is Japanese-and I think the title means something like "how to make old things new"-I'm not sure-but all the patterns are made using old fabric. Skirts, dishtowels, blouses, curtains, pants, even something called a zabuton (someone said it's a floor cushion) are used to make these super cute bags. There are illustrated instructions in the back as well as a tear out pattern section. In the pattern section it even includes a copy of Lotta Jansdotter's design which you can use if you know how to screen print (or paint it on the bag I guess). It's the design on the last bag there-the plantlike one. You can learn more about Lotta here. She's been around for awhile, but I just really like her stuff and there's this great book about her that's been published in Japan. You can see some flickr pictures starting here. This is a beautiful bag and I find it to be very inspirational.
I made these pincushions the other day to send off in some swaps and though they are a little raw-I'm in love. It was fun to make something small. I hope I can post photos after they are recieved-no ruining surprises here! Must go to work-ciao


Blogger molly said...

abby--i love the book pix. so inspiring, i agree...actually, i have a jansdotter journal right now, that i'm in love with...its a very simple flower design...thanks for sharing the link...good luck with camera hunting.

1:03 PM  
Blogger momo said...

that is truly an amazing book! =)

9:37 PM  
Blogger twobears said...

Hi Abby, no brothers (just in-laws)!

8:34 PM  

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