Monday, August 22, 2005

Does anyone use these anymore?

Here is a small part of my collection of mixed tapes. They are from old boyfriends, sisters, and friends. I pretty much only listen to tapes. I buy or burn cds and then sit down on the floor with several lists and create my own mixes. I am so 1992-but I just really love tapes. Even if I burn a mixed cd-I'll end up changing the order of the mix on the tape. One of my favorites is from my friend Ali C.-a birthday mix from my sweet 16(1998). It has good old Liz Phair, blur, beck, veruca salt, ash, and some cranberries. Yes, it is old-but I love it.
My obsession with tapes started young, we would make our own radio shows when I was little. And of course-having 7 sisters, I started seeing the art of wooing a guy through mixed tape at an early age. I think of it this way-I like phones with twisty cords(not cordless), typewriters(not computers), videos(not dvds), and tapes (not cds).
I am so not gonna start a swap. But I would really love to exchange some mixed tapes. I love working to figure out just the right order, collage-ing a funny cover, and wrapping it in silly paper. Wasn't that fun? I've seen music swaps around on blogs these days-but they're all "high tec" and use cds. Doesn't anyone out there make tapes anymore, or am I alone?


Blogger molly said...

ahh that's so funny that you posted about this today. my daughter was in the car yesterday with me and she was pointing at different things on the dash and asking me what they were--a/c, CD player, heater...then we got to the tape confusion!! she had no concept! I'll have to educate her, i guess. pull out my big blue nylon tape case from the closet...

i added you to my list of blogs, hope that's okay?

9:03 AM  
Blogger lisa s said...

you HAVE to chat with tara... she's here:

she has a mixed tape project where she's drawn/painted mixed tapes (and they are covered in a lovely glossy resin) here:


2:19 PM  
Blogger twobears said...

I love tapes, too, but must admit, love cds now - but that picture took me back. And how funny...I have six sisters!

9:40 PM  
Anonymous taragoe said...

yay, now i see why lisa sent you a link to m'blog...i too still really love tapes. i think there's something really special (and maybe more permanant) about them that a cd can't really capture...
although i love my computer and my ipod, i just can't make someone a mixed seems too impersonal...i also like the whole process of sitting down and making a really have to dedicate a bit of time and care to it...
if your interested, i'd still be down to trade a tape-for-a-tape:-)

11:32 PM  

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