Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Self Portrait Day "rememberance of things past"

Photo booths are my favorite thing to search for when I am at the beach. For some reason, you can always find at least one really odd photo booth at any given beach town in California. James and I took these photos during our honeymoon in Santa Cruz. The machine was at least 45 years old and I think the lighting makes us look Eastern European. I can only imagine how many portraits have been taken there-thousands I'm sure. Memories of roller coasters, sunburns, and funnel cakes captured forever at $2 a pop. Martha from Naive Knitting posted some beautiful "found" photo booth portraits a week or so ago-go check them out.
My ubernatural sweater is done. Just waiting to borrow a camera before I can post pictures. (I really NEED to buy one!) I brought it to my knit group last night and was so proud.
After searching around on the internet last night, I found an awesome book about handspinning strange yarn called "Pluckyfluff; Handspun Revolution". It is #1 on my to buy book list. I really want to start spinning with a drop spindle. Has anyone in blogland tried it? If so-what did you think? Was it hard? Where is the best online source for wool?
I finally made it to the yarn store Lint yesterday-after months of admiring their website. I loved it! Their displays speak to me; knitted food, strange skirts and totally wearable shirts. They carry a huge selection on lamb's pride, strand handspun delights, and yummy crystal palace yarns. It is my new LYS.
The new KnitCast features Amy Singer, the editor of Knitty. It's nice to download and listen to while knitting/crafting/cleaning. She is so down-to-earth.
James' parents will be here tommorrow-so I must go and finish my chores!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Abby,
Love your blog. Although I don't knit, it's fun to read. You definately have a "way with words" and I love the self portraits. Tell James hello. I always think of him when I go to Rite Aid.
Love ya....aunt Diana

7:54 PM  
Blogger kath red said...

i do love a photo booth pic, naive knitting had some up too.

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Martha said...

Your photo booth pictures are wonderful!

2:20 PM  
Anonymous mom said...

Abby, What fun you are. I love the photos of you and James. We miss you so much. Love ya Mom

7:29 AM  

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