Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Self-Portrait #2

Well, I guess this is going to be a weekly thing. I was just put in the "self-portait links" section of the red current blog-so I better post, right?
This was an unintentional self portrait taken at The Wagon Wheel in Visalia, Ca December 2002. I do believe I was there to celebrate my friend Laurence's birthday (he's a Christmas baby). It's crazy how much my life has changed. One week later, I would be re-united with James (having met him in 2000 during my research of a newspaper article on local vegans) and by the next year, married. Crazy, no? I miss my days of haunting the downtown Visalia scene but I must say that I love Portland and the married life even more.
My knitting is coming along great. I knitted in the bus today and taught an older lady how to purl, it was cool. Hopefully I can post pics this weekend of my bottom up raglan made of Noro Kureyon! Cheers! Posted by Picasa


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