Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pay no attention to the order of the photos-bogger sucks!

Well, haven't posted for a little while-so this is going to be a big post of my frustrations/discoveries over the past week. First:
1. All sweaters are not created equal
The above sweaters are both knitted/created by Stephanie Japel aka Glampyre Knits. Notice how the first sweater is fitted, interesting, alluring, and oh so unique. The second is not bad, I'd wear it to the supermarket or while cooking supper on a chilly night-nothing speacial just comforting and warm. So I started the bottom sweater in some Noro yarn-and it's simply comimg along beautifully. But oh, that top sweater-is it just me or she smirking on that bench? This is when I learned my second lesson:
2. All patterns (even if written by the same person) are not created equal
While the less cute sweater is coming along just swimmingly-the second driving me nuts! It's not that the skills used to create this sweater are hard-no no it's rather easy it's just that the pattern is not consistent. I really don't want to complain about Ms. Japel-she is awesome-I really love her stuff. It's just that the pattern is written in a very confusing manner.
"raglan increases are worked by knitting to the marker, yo pass marker, yo." Okay, I get that-but when I actually DO that two of the rows of increases are fine-and two of them are backwards. I've frogged several inches of this sweater SEVEN times thinking I was doing something wrong-and finally I am just going to switch those two rows and just do what works for me. It was just so strange, because the other stuff she's written makes sense-am I crazy? Well, yeah-but oh well. On to the next lesson;
3. Urban Outfitters makes shotty clothes, but they have some darn cute ideas
I learned part one of this lesson while putting on my almost new shirt from Urban Outfitters and discovering the hem stitches were gone. *how cool* But of course, stupid me, as soon as I get an email about their new catalouge-I voraciously comb it for hours. I decided that one of there cute zigzag qult bags (pictured here on my blog) would be made cuter by me using some vintage fabric I own.
4. British people are too cool
Check out the knit Sgt. Pepper's jacket with free pattern at


Anonymous mom said...

That bag is awesome. Is it knitted with fabric? That would be so cool! When are you going to start it? I've been working on your sweater. Its lookin good. We've had such hot weather. I'm not sure how many more summers I can take it here. I didn't think I would ever really want to move away, but the heat is really getting to me. I'm gettin to old for this place. Love ya Mom

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