Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well, here is my finished sweater-sort of. It's missing a few buttons and wasn't blocked when this photo was taken, but you get the idea.
pattern from glampyre knits
needles: size 15 circular (length doesn't matter) and 101/2
yarn : casacade ecological wool, two strands held together
This sweater only took a couple days to knit, it just takes me forever to do the finishing on things. Once I got this pattern, it turned out to be a quick and easy knit. I highly suggest this as a first sweater. I think I will give this one to Cassie (she is much mor funky than I) and I will make a long sleeve version for myself.
There is a new yarn shop opening just a few blocks from my house and it looks super cute. Also-I think a fabric shop is going to open next door to it! YAY!!!!!!!


Blogger tiff said...

Um totally proud of you and your doo doo (that's cute) sweater!! You go! I love it! And that picture your friend drew is too good! your blog makes me smile :-)

hey! by the way, michael told me that one of your favorite tv shows is The Family Guy. Um, helooo??! i love that silly, ridiculous, crude, distasteful yet very amusing and a much needed release from the "drama" of the world cartoon. did you know that the girl who talks for the daughter is the chick from that seventies show? just a bit of trivia for ya.

anyways, love the blog babe.
hugs to you!

love, tiff

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Abby, I could totally see you in that sweater. It is so awesome. You should keep it and wear it yourself, then when someone asks about it, you can just say I made it myself. Its so cute. Great job. You are da bomb knitter. Love ya Mom

7:34 AM  

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