Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well, here is my finished sweater-sort of. It's missing a few buttons and wasn't blocked when this photo was taken, but you get the idea.
pattern from glampyre knits
needles: size 15 circular (length doesn't matter) and 101/2
yarn : casacade ecological wool, two strands held together
This sweater only took a couple days to knit, it just takes me forever to do the finishing on things. Once I got this pattern, it turned out to be a quick and easy knit. I highly suggest this as a first sweater. I think I will give this one to Cassie (she is much mor funky than I) and I will make a long sleeve version for myself.
There is a new yarn shop opening just a few blocks from my house and it looks super cute. Also-I think a fabric shop is going to open next door to it! YAY!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Self Portrait Day "rememberance of things past"

Photo booths are my favorite thing to search for when I am at the beach. For some reason, you can always find at least one really odd photo booth at any given beach town in California. James and I took these photos during our honeymoon in Santa Cruz. The machine was at least 45 years old and I think the lighting makes us look Eastern European. I can only imagine how many portraits have been taken there-thousands I'm sure. Memories of roller coasters, sunburns, and funnel cakes captured forever at $2 a pop. Martha from Naive Knitting posted some beautiful "found" photo booth portraits a week or so ago-go check them out.
My ubernatural sweater is done. Just waiting to borrow a camera before I can post pictures. (I really NEED to buy one!) I brought it to my knit group last night and was so proud.
After searching around on the internet last night, I found an awesome book about handspinning strange yarn called "Pluckyfluff; Handspun Revolution". It is #1 on my to buy book list. I really want to start spinning with a drop spindle. Has anyone in blogland tried it? If so-what did you think? Was it hard? Where is the best online source for wool?
I finally made it to the yarn store Lint yesterday-after months of admiring their website. I loved it! Their displays speak to me; knitted food, strange skirts and totally wearable shirts. They carry a huge selection on lamb's pride, strand handspun delights, and yummy crystal palace yarns. It is my new LYS.
The new KnitCast features Amy Singer, the editor of Knitty. It's nice to download and listen to while knitting/crafting/cleaning. She is so down-to-earth.
James' parents will be here tommorrow-so I must go and finish my chores!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Self-Portait Tuesday-I mean- Wednesday

Again, I'm cheating. My friend April Henderson drew this picture of James and me and put it in a beautiful frame for our wedding present-isn't it lovely? I miss April a lot. I lost touch with her when we moved to Portland because she was at some mountain retreat and would be there for several months. Visalia kinda works that way. You think that you needn't worry too much about keeping in touch-you can always go back to the same coffee shop or restaurant and see all your friends. Maybe she'll find this and email me.
So, after posting my frustrations about knitting the "ubernatural" pattern I was able to sit down and knit it. I don't know what happened-the pattern and I just clicked. I now have all but the ribbing on the sleeves done. I love it! I am knitting it with two strands of Cascade Eco-wool held together. I would love to make them for Maci, Cassie, and Katelyn. Once I got it-it was a super fast knit. Lindee is visiting this weekend, maybe she can take some photos!
It finally became summer here in Portland. I was laughing at all the people dying from last weeks 90 degrees. But, Karma is a *&%# and it got a little humid-and I about croaked. I'll take 110 degree dry heat in a town where everyone has central air over 90 degree humid heat when it was 70 the day before.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pay no attention to the order of the photos-bogger sucks!

Well, haven't posted for a little while-so this is going to be a big post of my frustrations/discoveries over the past week. First:
1. All sweaters are not created equal
The above sweaters are both knitted/created by Stephanie Japel aka Glampyre Knits. Notice how the first sweater is fitted, interesting, alluring, and oh so unique. The second is not bad, I'd wear it to the supermarket or while cooking supper on a chilly night-nothing speacial just comforting and warm. So I started the bottom sweater in some Noro yarn-and it's simply comimg along beautifully. But oh, that top sweater-is it just me or she smirking on that bench? This is when I learned my second lesson:
2. All patterns (even if written by the same person) are not created equal
While the less cute sweater is coming along just swimmingly-the second driving me nuts! It's not that the skills used to create this sweater are hard-no no it's rather easy it's just that the pattern is not consistent. I really don't want to complain about Ms. Japel-she is awesome-I really love her stuff. It's just that the pattern is written in a very confusing manner.
"raglan increases are worked by knitting to the marker, yo pass marker, yo." Okay, I get that-but when I actually DO that two of the rows of increases are fine-and two of them are backwards. I've frogged several inches of this sweater SEVEN times thinking I was doing something wrong-and finally I am just going to switch those two rows and just do what works for me. It was just so strange, because the other stuff she's written makes sense-am I crazy? Well, yeah-but oh well. On to the next lesson;
3. Urban Outfitters makes shotty clothes, but they have some darn cute ideas
I learned part one of this lesson while putting on my almost new shirt from Urban Outfitters and discovering the hem stitches were gone. *how cool* But of course, stupid me, as soon as I get an email about their new catalouge-I voraciously comb it for hours. I decided that one of there cute zigzag qult bags (pictured here on my blog) would be made cuter by me using some vintage fabric I own.
4. British people are too cool
Check out the knit Sgt. Pepper's jacket with free pattern at

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday and Baby Sweater

So finally, I have posted my finished baby sweater. I tried to fit it on my scanner-so please excuse the funky angles and strange colors. This was the best I could do. It is going in the mail today to my sister Ally for her soon to be born son, Sean. It is a simple garter stitch sweater knit in one piece and sewn up the sides. Right now, I'm working on a sweater in the round for myself-and let me tell you-it's 10x easier and 10x cuter. I think I'll be doing my sweaters in the round from now on.
Well, it's self portrait Tuesday and I'm cheating. This is a picture of me, age seven, holding my newborn niece, Katelyn. She turned 16 last week-Happy Birthday girl! And now I am an official loser because she has her driver's liscense before me! Oh well-Barbra Walters and Sarah Vowell don't drive...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Felted Beauty

So I've heard through the rumor mill that Marta McCall, the creator of this beautiful felted bag, will be teaching a felting class in Portland very soon!(For pattern of the bag check out Interweave Knits Fall 2005-totally awesome!) Could this be true? I must find out. What a talented artist she is. I literally think that this carpetbag is the most beautiful piece of felting I've seen! I can't wait to figure this one out.
In other news...My "bottom up" sweater in Noro is coming along quite nicely. I snagged the "pattern" from glampyre and I really like the way she knits. She just says "figure out how many stitches you have per inch, and multiply it by the number of inches you want your sweater to be". Now, it's like "duh" but I really needed that simple explination to get me going. I also cast-on for Lindee's felted lap-top bag. The pattern is from Interweave but was reprinted from a book called "AlterKnits". I'm excited to see what else the book has.
Just getting news of the bombings in heart goes out to anyone there, there are several wonderful knitbloggers over there and I hope all is well. Londoners are in my thoughts and hopes today...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Self-Portrait #2

Well, I guess this is going to be a weekly thing. I was just put in the "self-portait links" section of the red current blog-so I better post, right?
This was an unintentional self portrait taken at The Wagon Wheel in Visalia, Ca December 2002. I do believe I was there to celebrate my friend Laurence's birthday (he's a Christmas baby). It's crazy how much my life has changed. One week later, I would be re-united with James (having met him in 2000 during my research of a newspaper article on local vegans) and by the next year, married. Crazy, no? I miss my days of haunting the downtown Visalia scene but I must say that I love Portland and the married life even more.
My knitting is coming along great. I knitted in the bus today and taught an older lady how to purl, it was cool. Hopefully I can post pics this weekend of my bottom up raglan made of Noro Kureyon! Cheers! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

Best Weekend Ever!

This photo shows my sister Cassie using a #13 needle to part Maci's hair before cutting it-Brillant! Posted by Picasa

What a lovely weekend I had! At this time, my Mom and three of my seven sisters are on the road back to San Francisco after a whirlwind weekend here in Oregon. After their arrival on Friday, we spent all of our time knitting, eating, yarn shop hunting, and sightseeing (while knitting). I had a blast. One of the biggest highlights was going to Foothills Yarns and Fibers in Odell (near Hood River). It has a BEAUTIFUL view of Mt. Hood, nice people, a great dog, the BEST yarn shop oh-and of course these awesome alpacas!!! We got to feed them and touch them and watch the owner spin yarn. This place was breathtaking and I think that it has recently had a makeover so you should defintely check it out. I love my family so much and miss them already. Now I ahve so much to work on-a beautiful bottom up sweater with some Noro yarn, a glampyre sweater with some eco dye free yarn from Foothills, some cuffs in a beautiful marron baby alpaca yarn and a felted laptop case for Lindee with some yarn from Tangle. I must go knit! Posted by Picasa