Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday post #2

Two posts in one day, shameful I know. Yeterday I went to Lake Oswego with Ben and Lindee and visited the new yarn store "Tangle". It was so cool. Huge, beautiful, great prices and selection and the owner was so nice to me even though I looked like a ragamuffin. Lidee got me some wool for a felted bag I want to do. (Thanks girl!!!) I'm thinking a variation on the buttonhole bag-maybe with stars knitted into it? and the best aquisistion of the day was some addi turbos!!***Sidenote-Early yesterday morning I volunteered with some co-workers to serve breakfast at a shelter. It was a lot of un-and the place was awesome. It's called "The Blanchette House" and runs entirely on donations. We (Starbucks) donate food to them. I think that I will do it a few times a month. Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is that knit faster thing in the photo? The yarn is awesome.

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