Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Rose Festival Sucks

Well, here in Portland there's a month long celebration known as the Rose Festival. It involves parades, fireworks, carnivals, etc. I wish I could love this, and I'm trying-but I work in a coffe shop in dtown pdx and we are just too crazy busy!! Also, I am a busrider and there is a new funky schedule cuz of the festival and it can be a bit confusing. All right, I'm done venting. Anyway-still waiting on a digital camera to upload some knitting photos (I swear it's coming). In the meantime, the blogger from angry chicken has suggested a month of aprons where each month she picks a theme and one creates an apron according to that theme. It is a great idea! This month's theme si "home on the range". Anyway, since I have to work all day until 11pm, I better go and get some stuff done-mom-the photo below is for you!


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