Thursday, June 23, 2005

Remember that greeting card swap a few weeks back? Well, I got mine today! These three cards are from Erin Klauk in Brooklyn. Aren't they awesome? So very professional. I feel bad for her because the ones I sent her were not nearly as cute!
*** Lindee came over today and the weather was/is beautiful. We went to Mt. Tabor park and played catch with Foster. If you ever go to Portland, you should check out this park-it has some great trails and awesome views.
***Yesterday I finally got my Portland Library card and was able to explore the gigantic downtown library. It is truly stunning. I got some of the "Mary Frances" books suggested by Amy from Angry Chicken. They are so funny, check them out. I also got a book about the history of domestic advice in America-really cool. Posted by Hello


Blogger knitnquilt said...

Hey Abby, those postcards are great. When is Lindee going home? I'm sure she'e having a wonderful time.Is there anything in particular that you want me to bring up? It's getting really warm here. 95 degrees today. I know ya miss it. Love ya

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