Monday, May 23, 2005

So, Lindee bought this at Powell's books yesterday and I am borrowing it until the next time she comes back to Portland. Thirty-two pages into the book, I am begining to realize the erie similarities between Sarah Vowell and I. Her last name is VOWELL-mine POWELL, I love "This American Life"-she is a contributor for "TAL", she is from Muskogee-my family is from Muskogee, she's had a weird Ford theater experience-and so have I. I think that is one too many coincidences!! Anyway, this book is pretty funny. She is visting all these weird places that have something to with a president's assasination or assainator. So, did you know that Lincoln's son Robert Todd was present at 3 presidential assasinations (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley)?! I have to dig up the photo of my family at Ford's Theater-this is bringing up some great memories!! Posted by Hello


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