Saturday, May 28, 2005

Red, White, Black, and a Bike

This morning Lindee and Ben came over and bought my bike!!! Yay! It is a little rusty and needs a check-up, but is okay to ride around the 'hood. We then walked to the cup and saucer and ate breakfast outside in the BEAUTIFUL weather. When we came back, we put a blanket in the yard and hung out. I worked on my postcards which are due to be mailed by Monday. (I am part of a yahoo group that exchanges art postcards) Each swap has guidlines or a theme which the cards must exhibit. These two cards are "red, white, and black". Tomorrow I'll post the cards from the "quote" swap.
Later on in the afternoon, I went to Hood River and James met us there. We ate yummy tacos outside and played with Foster (Ben's pooch). It was so fun.


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