Sunday, May 29, 2005

I was browsing throught the links from the yahoo group I'm in and there are a bunch of "inspirational" ones and I found two that are really cool. This is a quilt made by Lynn Whipple. I will make James put it in my links-for now the website is Posted by Hello

So I am posting the rest of my swap cards today-as I will be throwing them in the mailbox today to make sure they will be postmarked before June. These are the "quote" apcs. I am so not a "quote" person-so these were really hard to do. This first one has a fabric background, weird textured paper and a national geographic photo. The quote is the same on all of them- "Insist on yourself, never imitate. Everyman is unique." I don't know-it was hard to pick a quote without sounding totally cheesey. Hope people don't find my cards totally weird-we'll see. Posted by Hello

This has vintage rick rack and the back is a photo cut from a 1970's encyclopedia. Posted by Hello

This card has vintage rick rack, an old national geographic photo, and the background is the inside of a bill envelope. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Red, White, Black, and a Bike

This morning Lindee and Ben came over and bought my bike!!! Yay! It is a little rusty and needs a check-up, but is okay to ride around the 'hood. We then walked to the cup and saucer and ate breakfast outside in the BEAUTIFUL weather. When we came back, we put a blanket in the yard and hung out. I worked on my postcards which are due to be mailed by Monday. (I am part of a yahoo group that exchanges art postcards) Each swap has guidlines or a theme which the cards must exhibit. These two cards are "red, white, and black". Tomorrow I'll post the cards from the "quote" swap.
Later on in the afternoon, I went to Hood River and James met us there. We ate yummy tacos outside and played with Foster (Ben's pooch). It was so fun.

The background of this card is heart fabric I bought at Knittn' Kitten. The bullrider is a bad photocopy from an old book on Spain I got from the Visalia Library. I have ton's of copies from that book-I knew I'd use them someday. Posted by Hello

The background of this card is made from the inside of a bill envelope and the graphics are from a 50's boy scout manual. I still have some more swap cards to make tommorrow- I'll post them when I' m done. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

Mint and Chip goodness

James finally started his blog today!!Check it out, there's a link to it. He was also way nice and added some nifty links to this blog. The blogs are pretty much people I don't know, but whose blogs I think are funny, cool, creative, and/or interesting. If you check out any of the links, check out 101 cookbooks. This woman has tons of cookbooks and has made a goal to make a few recipes a week and post her true results in a blog. It is such a simple, genius idea. I have a pretty hefty collection myself-I so want to copy her. We really need a digital camera though, because I don't think I could scan my results. Hopefully my next check will go towards a camera.

So, in a matter of a couple days, Portland went from being in the 50s and 60s to over 90 degrees! Where am I, v-town? Anyway, James and I have no air and no fans (of course, we never do) so we went to the local Walgreens to grab a cold treat. I found this-the most awesome ice cream sandwich ever mass produced. It is sooo good. Mom, try it!!  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Powell's Rules

So, I couldn't stay inside today-it was actually sunny! I went downtown to meet James for lunch, and to my suprise there was a giant tent in Pioneer Square under which was a book sale. I bought several books and spent less than $15. (My blog has been acting up today-so hopefully you can see the following pictures.)

I wish I could scan the inside of this book. There are photos of Japanese theater houses, how to paint a kabuki face, and intricate costumes.  Posted by Hello

This book has great images-I think I might scan some and blow them up for iron ons or stitch patterns. Posted by Hello

This litttle guy would be cool to embroider. Posted by Hello

This book is full of color photos of needlework from so many different countries and time periods. It also includes some pattern including a cool cross-stitch rose one.  Posted by Hello

These dolls are from the needlework book. The pattern is included-I think I'll try it. Posted by Hello

This is my favorite book I got. It is full of icomic peasant and communist images. It has several different types of artists-$2!! Posted by Hello

This illustration is from the peasant art book. Posted by Hello

This book has cool projects Posted by Hello

My blog just went missing

So, my blog was missing there for a second.....hope it's back job isn't the best I'll ever have-but there are some great perks-like if you really want a day off, it is pretty easy to switch with someone to make it happen. That is what I did today. Today is my "go through the crap in your boxes day". For those of you that know me, I keep crap-I keep crap in boxes-yeah it's soooo cool (*that was sarcasm folks*). But really, I will probably post a zillion times today to show you some of my great *crap*. Thus the collage you see here. All those years mom wondered why I kept dirty old magazines-well here you go-so I could make funny collages for my blog! Now I must continue with the going through of the crappiage! Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

So, Lindee bought this at Powell's books yesterday and I am borrowing it until the next time she comes back to Portland. Thirty-two pages into the book, I am begining to realize the erie similarities between Sarah Vowell and I. Her last name is VOWELL-mine POWELL, I love "This American Life"-she is a contributor for "TAL", she is from Muskogee-my family is from Muskogee, she's had a weird Ford theater experience-and so have I. I think that is one too many coincidences!! Anyway, this book is pretty funny. She is visting all these weird places that have something to with a president's assasination or assainator. So, did you know that Lincoln's son Robert Todd was present at 3 presidential assasinations (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley)?! I have to dig up the photo of my family at Ford's Theater-this is bringing up some great memories!! Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I got this in the mail a few days ago (my 1st ebay purchase). I am so excited to try and knit wooly tubes that I can felt to make purse handles. I don't have to many other ideas on how to use it, but if I use it for only that-I think the $3 I spent on it would be worth it. This came with no instructions, but a really nice lady named Sheetha just emailed me some (yay!). I was really inspired to buy this from the glampyre website/blog. She made an awesome felted skully bag partially using KnitMagic. If anyone has other ideas on how to use it-I would more than welcome them. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Knitten' Kitten is the Bomb!!

Today I went to the most awesome thrift store I have ever been to!! It is called Knitten' Kitten and you should go there (or at least the website) ASAP! The following are photos of my finds-I only spent $14!!! I love it. Posted by Hello

Here is the random stuff I got at Knittn' Kitten-old cool pink yarn, funny stamps, vintage coral beads (hard to tell from photo), old rickrack and near trim. I want to use the yarn for a felting project-small purse or makeup bag? the backgroung would be pink and Could knit a silohette with the white Posted by Hello

This picture displays my fab finds at Knitten' Kitten. The book includes instructions on how to knit toy monkeys, frog, dogs, and dolls. I do believe this place is a crafters paradise! Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

This is the cover of JoAnna Newsom's cd "The Milk Eyed Mender". I am not a huge fan of her music, but this cover is beautiful. It really inspires me to get off this blog and start to embroider! Posted by Hello

Great Find this weekend

Look at this:

This is a rad little booklet I found at a junk store called "Really Good Stuff". It is an insurance booklet filled with weird into like how to gain weight by eating custards and drinking a LOT of milk. Funny tips on how to lose weight include eating a boiled egg a day and drinking buttermilk.  Posted by Hello

page 2....... Posted by Hello

page 3.......... Posted by Hello